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To all the Long Distance Couples out there

Movie and game nights please?  Fuck, I miss people. 

Also I need an Xbox.

Another thing that I’ve found that is really nice is doing online roleplaying together.  If the time difference makes things really hard then it can be done on a blog, so you can both come to it when you can.  Though it’s nicer when you can log into the same place (MU* game, etc) and chat a bit and then play some there together.  

The down and up side of that, is there you will possibly meet other wonderful people that also might be far away.

I swear, someday I’m just going to have a big place and invite all of you all.

*infinite hugs and kisses*


I was with my boyfriend long distance, for a year and a half. We recently decided to go our separate ways, but I still love him and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I have some suggestions for those who are in a serious LDR, and want more things to do together. 

  • Share a Netflix or Hulu plus account, and get into a television series together. Kyle and I used to watch shows together while we were on skype! Watch one or two a night, and it’s like waiting for them to come on TV. 
  • If you both have Xbox live, play Co-op games together. Call of duty: Black ops is one you can set up private matches with just each other in combat training. Boarderlands is another one. There’s a ton you can set up to play with each other and you can talk on skype or through the mic’s like they’re right there. 
  • Date nights are something Kyle and I did. We would both get dinner from the same place, pick up the same kind of ice cream, meet home by a certain time and eat together on skype, watch a movie on netflix, and eat our icecream. 

I understand that these suggestions aren’t for every couple, especially with time differences in different states and even different countries, but they can be tweaked to work for every LDR out there! I hope someone got something out of this, and I hope you all stay happy and in love! It’s always worth fighting for, I promise. 

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